Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why does WagerMate mark some races as “Pass”?

There are several possible reasons. WagerMate does not handicap Quarterhorses.

WagerMate can’t handicap races if the horses have never raced before, because WagerMate uses information from the past performances to model future races.

WagerMate does not handicap races shorter than 5 furlongs.

2) Should I simply bet on every horse listed in the Best Bets Report?

Think of WagerMate’s recommendations as a starting point for your handicapping. WagerMate will uncover some prospects you might not have considered.

3) When I use WagerMate, do I get the same recommendations as every other user of WagerMate?

You’ll get the same results if you use the default strategy built in to WagerMate.

Ideally, you’ll tune WagerMate, and also apply your own judgment to the process.

4) What can I add to the handicapping process?

There are many opportunities for you to add your expertise to WagerMate’s.

Here are some examples of factors WagerMate doesn’t consider:
1) Track bias
2) Track conditions
3) Races switched from turf to dirt
4) Horse body language
5) Trainer intentions
6) Trips
7) Angles

Your knowledge of tracks, trainers, jockies, and horses is all still essential — WagerMate is just another tool to augment your expertise and experience.

You can also use the Best Bets Report and the Contenders Report to improve your approach to exotic bets.

5) How has WagerMate been validated?

WagerMate has been back tested on well over 200,000 races.

6) Can I use WagerMate without back testing?

Yes. Back testing is the best way for you to refine and test the strategy you use with WagerMate, but you can get good results without back testing.

7) How do I see the largest number of bets in the Best Bets Report?

Click the Set to “Any” button and then the Show Bets button. That will show you the unfiltered list of WagerMate’s selections.

8) Which races are shown in the Best Bets Report?

The Best Bets Report shows horses that are projected to win their races and be profitable.

The Contenders Report also includes horses that are projected to finish second, third, or fourth. Some of those horses may be good win bets — if you can get the right odds (the Required Odds, “Rqrd Odds”).

9) Where do I download the files for WagerMate?

All files are downloaded directly through the WagerMate software.