Getting Started

WagerMate® was created to help you handicap thoroughbred horse races.

WagerMate features include:

  • Clear betting instructions for each race, including Required Odds.
  • Win Probability & ROI for each bet.
  • Contenders report.
  • Customizable handicapping strategies. Back testing to validate strategies.
  • Downloads files directly from TrackMaster web site – virtually every track in North America.
  • Tested on over 200,000 races!

The WagerMate software is free, but you’ll need a TrackMaster account in order to purchase & download the Race Cards and Charts that WagerMate needs.

Go to the TrackMaster website to open an account and download WagerMate.

If you want to try WagerMate before you sign up for an account, you can download the software before you sign up for an account.

Alternatively, you can download WagerMate’s help file to see what it can do for you.