Good Example

The Kentucky Derby provides a good example of how to use WagerMate.  WagerMate offered four contenders, none of them favorites.  I always advocate combining WagerMate’s advice with your own handicapping knowledge and insights.  That’s what I did on Saturday.  Frankly, I didn’t have a lot of conviction, so I just made small fun bets.

I bet $2 each on the four WagerMate contenders.  When I’ll Have Another won, those bets yielded $32.60.

I also boxed Bodemeister with the WagerMate picks in different ways, spending a total of $14 on exactas.  The $1 exacta paid me $153.30.

I scrimped on the trifecta, betting $13.50 on 5,6,10 with 5,6,10,19 with 4,5,6,10,19.  I coulda woulda shoulda included #19 to win on that ticket…  The 19-6-5 50 cent trifecta paid $766.40.  Oh well, maybe next year.

The take away: use WagerMate’s ideas in combination with your own work (e.g. “fast favorites sometimes do well”).  WagerMate can point you to picks you might have otherwise overlooked.

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