WagerMate Version 3.4

I uploaded a new version of WagerMate today.  The most noticeable enhancements are:

  1. WagerMate is using a better source for the “Race Conditions” (under “Race Details”) on the View Card tab.  The old source was limited to 400 characters, and that meant the text was sometimes truncated.
  2. WagerMate is smarter about distinguishing graded stakes races from non-graded stakes.
  3. The Preference menu lets you pick your preferred format for ROI.

Here’s an example where the Race Conditions are complex, and are now shown in their full glory…

Race Conditions

Race Conditions

As for the ROI change: the menu looks like this…

Preference Menu

Preference Menu

Up until now, WagerMate has said that a profit of 5% was an ROI of 105%.  Most people call that an ROI of 5%, not 105% (although one of my ADWs calls that a “$1 ROI” of “+0.05”).

The default format is now the “5%” format, so we’ve joined the mainstream.  I’ll try to use that format from now on in this blog.  I’m not going to go back and modify old entries though — I think that would violate the blogger’s code of ethics.

Here’s what my back testing (on about 4 year’s worth of data) looks like in the new format:

321 Back Test Report

Build 321 Back Test Report

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