2015 Preakness

WagerMate likes the same three horses it liked in the Kentucky Derby, in the same order:2015 Preakness

I feel obliged to bet them in the trifecta this time.

I don’t like American Pharoah as much as WagerMate does; I still like Firing Line, so I’ll bet it to win.

I’ll also bet a superfecta 1/2/8 over 1/2/8 over 1/2/8 over All.

2015 Kentucky Derby Results


So a $1 exacta bet paid $36.30; not bad.

Did I recommend betting WagerMate’s top 3 picks in the trifecta???  No?  50 cents woulda turned into $50.50.  Happy to have to the top 3 picks in order, but really, these were not long shots, so I can’t claim this was magical.

2015 Kentucky Derby

WagerMate likes the favorites…

2015 Derby…but the only value there is Firing Line, so I’m going to bet on it to win.

I’m going to mix El Kabeir into my exacta bet, because Calvin Borel is riding: I’m going to bet on 7/8/10/18 over 2/7/8/10/18.