2016 Breeders’ Cup Results

I made 22 win bets.  I miscounted in the last blog entry — the figures show that 21 horses had an ROI over 25% — and Masochistic turned into the 22nd bet because of a scratch in the sixth race yesterday.  The winning bets were on Champagne Room, Finest City, and Tourist.  That’s $115.40 back on the $44 worth of win bets.

Only two of the exacta bets paid off, returning $57.60 on the 13 bets of $6 each (total of $78 spent).

For the weekend, that’s a profit of $51.00 on $122 bet.

Three points:

  1. This would have been a lot worse without $69.20 from Champagne Room, so you could say we had some good luck.
  2. Champagne Room was the 11th most popular horse out of 12 in the race, so WagerMate deserves some credit for making it a contender.
  3. This was done without a shred of manual handicapping.  I still think you should add your own work to WagerMate’s ideas.

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